Small Business and Home Use Paper Shredders

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Details:  We have the Shredders...........That are great for Small Office and Home Use
Features: Cross cut shredder capable of shredding one CD, disk, or credit card at a time, or 8 sheets of paper folded in half.

Cross Cut shredders use a double cutting action to produce a rectangular shred particle which drops into the waste bag and lies flat. During operation these shreds collect like falling snow. The flat, self compressing nature of the cross-cut particle results in a bag capacity of 2 to 5 times more than the strip cut shredder.

These specialty shredders are great for customers needing to shred CD's, credit cards, and even floppy disks. Save wear and tear on your paper shredder with the Multi-shredders!

We are carrying brands like Brothers, Canon, Toshiba, Samsung, Hp, Sharp, Xerox, Fellowes